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Friday, March 20, 2009

Updated beta released (Beta3)

An updated beta version is now available. If you are already running Beta2, you can use the 'Check for Updates' feature to upgrade automatically, or you can download and install the new beta directly.

*NOTE* - this is beta software. The functionality, interface, and underlying protocol are all subject to change before the final release.

The Beta3 update contains the following changes:

  • fixed bug in ExpandingLabel class that sometimes added newlines in the wrong place
  • fixed a bug that caused notifications received while screen was locked to render as a black spot
  • made Notification-Display-Name header optional (as per GNTP spec)
  • updated GrowlConnector.Notify method interface (Application is no longer required)
  • updated GFW so that it starts minimized to the system tray
  • changed the user-settings folder naming convention for incremental releases **
  • improvements to the code that prevents multiple instances from starting
  • various FxCop-suggested modifications

** Due to the changes regarding where user settings are stored, all application, notification, forwarding, and password-related settings should be properly retained with the upgrade, but any display preferences from the Beta2 version will be reset with the Beta3 version. Going forward, all settings will be retained across upgrades.

Several of the bugs fixed in this release were reported directly by users, so your feedback is always appreciated.

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