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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

v2.0 Beta 4 Released & New Perl library available

A new beta version is now available. If you are already running Beta2 or 3, you can use the 'Check for Updates' feature to upgrade automatically, or you can download and install the new beta directly.

*NOTE* - this is beta software. The functionality, interface, and underlying protocol are all subject to change before the final release.

The Beta4 update contains the following changes:

  • added support for localization; Dutch and Japanese translations now available
  • fixed a bug that caused all encrypted requests to fail
  • should now work on 64-bit systems
  • should now work with Flash 10 clients
  • changed default encryption padding scheme to PKCS#7 (PKCS#5) for better compatibility
  • updated AIR and Javascript connectors to the current security implementation

Also, there is now a Perl GNTP library available thanks to Yasuhiro MATSUMOTO. Check it out on GitHub or look for GNTP::Growl in your CPAN shell.

GNTP::Growl Perl module on GitHub


The bug fixes and changes are direct results of user feedback and participation, so your feedback is always appreciated.

Leave feedback in the Growl for Windows Google Group


  1. GitHub link is broken but Growl::GNTP is on CPAN now.

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