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Monday, July 27, 2009

System Monitor now supports HTTP Monitoring

The latest version of System Monitor adds one often-requested feature: HTTP Monitoring

The HTTP monitoring works just like the Ping monitoring, but uses a user-defined url instead. Labels can be used to give a friendly name to to the site/page being monitored as well.

<!-- HTTP Monitor: must provide the address (url or ip address) of the host to monitor -->
<monitor runFrequency="00:01" type="SystemMonitor.Monitors.HttpMonitor,SystemMonitor">
    <setting name="host" value="http://localhost/" />
    <setting name="label" value="Fake Site" />
    <notifier type="SystemMonitor.Notifiers.GrowlNotifier,SystemMonitor" />

Super Important Note: Make sure to make a backup of your .config file *before* installing this update. The update will overwrite your .config file so any changes will be lost otherwise. I apologize for the inconvenience - this will be resolved in the next version.

Download System Monitor (Installer)

Download System Monitor (Zip)


  1. Using a ™ in the .config file breaks it..

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