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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

v2.0 Beta 16 released

A new beta version is now available. If you are already running a v2.0 beta, you can use the 'Check for Updates' feature to upgrade automatically, or you can download and install the new beta directly.

*NOTE* - this is beta software. The functionality, interface, and underlying protocol are all subject to change before the final release.

The Beta16 update contains the following changes:

  • added ability to forward notifications to iphones via Prowl
  • fixed a bug that could cause a crash if the system tray icon was double clicked before Growl was done initializing
  • added link to Displays tab for finding and installing additional displays

Some network forwarding and subscription preferences may be lost when upgrading to Beta16. You can re-add the preferences and they will be saved properly going forward.

Any comments, suggestions, feedback, or bug reports are always welcome.

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  1. On Vista Im getting an Error While Installing. The Error code is 2869. Pls help...

  2. make sure you run setup.exe and not the .msi file directly. there is an issue in Vista where it will not elevate your privileges otherwise and results in the 2869 error.

  3. Tried running Setup.exe too....still no dice. It gives the same error :( I really want to use this programs :(

  4. You need to extract both files in the .zip file, then run the setup.exe. The setup.exe needs the growl_v2.0.msi to install. Hope this helps ;)

  5. @brian dunnington

    Your advice did the trick for me.

  6. No puedo iniciar growl en windows Vista "growl is not runnig" y no puedo iniciarlo manualmente

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