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Friday, July 17, 2009

v2.0 Beta 18 released

A new beta version is now available. If you are already running a v2.0 beta, you can use the 'Check for Updates' feature to upgrade automatically, or you can download and install the new beta directly.

*Prowl users* - The Prowl API has changed and thus any Prowl forwarding will need to be reconfigured. If you upgrade from Beta16 to Beta18 and Prowl notifications stop working, you will need to delete the Prowl forwarding entry and re-create it using your Prowl API Key, available from the Prowl website:

The Beta18 update contains the following changes:

  • updated Prowl integration to use new API
  • added ability to only forward to Prowl when idle
  • added Twitter forwarding option
  • added ability to edit Forward and Subscription entries
  • fixed a bug when hovering over items in the 'Add Computer' windows
  • fixed a bug that could crash Growl if an application registered with no icon
  • fixed a bug in Detector.DetectIfGrowlIsRunning() that could cause a crash
  • fixed a bug that caused the 'consider me idle after' value to not be updated when the user entered a new value
  • release Google Voice Greasemonkey script
  • updated Thunderbird extension to use message priorities
  • updated System Monitor with labels, sticky prefs, and origin machine name

Any comments, suggestions, feedback, or bug reports are always welcome.

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  1. 2869 Error when trying to install either the bat or exe. Tried both as admin to no avail.

  2. Fixed by running "msiexec /a "path-to-package.msi"

  3. Hmm - Growl "Stops Working" fairly often. I am on Vista Home Premium 64

  4. @Ryan - any more information on what exactly happens? does Growl crash? does it appear to be running, but you arent getting notifications on your desktop? are you using Prowl and not getting notification on your iPhone? any error messages displayed or in the Event Log?

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