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Monday, October 12, 2009

Pigdin & Growl, sittin' in a tree...

since the first beta version of Growl for Windows, the one application that the most people have wished had Growl support was Pidgin. now, Daniel Dimovski has come to the rescue.

Grab the plugin here:

nice work, Daniel!


  1. And thanks to mattn, the creator of gntp-send commandline program, who's GNTP code I was allowed to use.

  2. Is it possible to configure the plugin so that it only sends the Growl alerts when the status is Away and someone sends a new message?

  3. brien8cake: not at the moment, but I just added it to my todo-list, so hopefully very soon.. :)

  4. There, the plugin now supports sending messages based on status. (download the new version and check the plugin settings window)
    It only applies to recived messages though.. other message events are still sent.

  5. Not sure where the blame is but doesn't work with latest Pidgin (2.6.6) and Growl 2.0.2. As soon as I add the add the plugin (any version) to the Pidgin dir the program crashes on startup :(

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