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Monday, October 18, 2010

Toasty - Notifications for Windows Phone 7

Getting notifications from all of your favorite apps via Growl for Windows is great when you are at your desk. And with plugins for Prowl, Howl, Boxcar, and Notifo, getting those same notifications on your iPhone is a breeze as well.

Well, today I am happy to announce that that same great ability is now available for the new Windows Phone 7 as well. Toasty lets you receive push notifications on your Windows Phone 7 device while you are on the go. Some of the key features are:

  • receive push notifications even when the app is not running
  • live tile updates show you how many notifications you have missed
  • icons for all notifications for quick recognition at a glance
  • notifications are stored locally so you can search and view them even when offline

Here is a short (silent) demo of Toasty in action:

Growl for Windows v2.0.5 is being released today as well and has built-in support for forwarding to Toasty. Toasty also has an API so you can send notifications directly to your device if that is your thing.

If you have the Zune software (v4.7) installed, click the button below to read more about Toasty, or just search for 'toasty' on in the WP7 Marketplace.

Toasty is available in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now. Lucky European readers can buy devices starting on Thursday and those of use in the US can get in on the action starting Nov. 8th.

As always, I would love your feedback to help improve the app. I am working on getting a more appropriate support forum set up, but if you try it out, you can post up your thoughts here for now.

Thanks for supporting Growl for Windows and helping make it the best it can be.


  1. Where's android push notifications?!

  2. ++ for Android push notifications also

  3. the service is ready to use, but i just got word from my hosting provider that they are having some DNS issues. that is causing the API domain (where notifications are routed) to be inaccessbile. as soon as it is resolved i will post back here with an update.

  4. the DNS issue has been resolved. notifications should be working again, as well as the Contact & Support link in the app. i apologize for any incovenience.

  5. A++ response time on that one - I really appreciate it :)

  6. How can I use Toasty with growl for Mac?

  7. @Anonymous - right now, Toasty only works with Growl for Windows or directly via an API. there is no Growl/Mac plugin at this time.

  8. how can i get this FOR FREE

  9. Is there a Version or a Way for Windows Mobile 6.5 ??????

  10. Great App! Congratulations!
    I've got an additional idea. I would like it if the tile notification on the WP7 not only shows the number of push notifications but also what kind of. If you open the app you see the different icons from the apps/software sending it. Would be cool if we can be noticed via the tile on the start screen what app sent us information with seeing it's icon on the tile.

  11. Just thought I'd drop you a line pointing out it's currently... broken. :-) The API returns a 404.

  12. @Beau - I replied to you on Twitter, but in case you missed it: the API is working but your deviceID is either not being passed correctly or incorrectly registered with the API. try the 'link' button from the 'device id' menu within the app, or email me directly with your deviceID and I will check the server to see if it is configured.

  13. first i have to say that this is a great app and it works with growl for windows.

    But i have a question about the notification sound when a new notification arrive. is there any way to change this sound into a custom sound or another sound ?

  14. hello brian dunnington,

    i have the same problem as the post on May 5, 2011

  15. @Anonymous (x2) - the sound that is played when a notification is received is controlled by the phone's operating system. as far as i know, there is no way to change it unfortunately.

  16. Kann man, wie bei Growl fürs iphone, verschiedene Töne für verschieden Alarmierungen einstellen?

  17. @Anonymous - you cant set different sounds per notification because that is controlled by the OS, not Toasty. If that capability is added to the API that developers are allowed to use, I will definitely add that feature.

  18. I wish it was user selectable to set the default view to "History". The "Recent" view does not make sense to me.

  19. Please add mac support asap please....

  20. Working perfectly.

    Thanks for creating the App for WP7.

  21. Hi,
    How do I tell my phone to make any sound at all when i get message?
    I have sound for new email off, everything else on.
    Still my phone stays silent when I get a test toasty.
    Any hints?

  22. Go to the general tab in your toasty application properties.

  23. Great app i must say, sadly i do not like the icon/tile of the app itself....

    Could you please make an option so a user can choose the type of the tile?
    I prefer myself more clean tiles, no 'strange' pictures etc, just in the style of WP7 itself would be great, and if possible a live tile which rotate etc would be really nice

  24. Is it working with Windows Phone 8?

  25. I'll second this question: is Windows 8 phone supported?
    Thank you!

  26. Hi, I get a remote Server Error 401. Any idea on this?

  27. Ok I installed this to receive growl notifications from various apps, but they all ask for a growl server/ip and password... I guess I set the password as my api key but what do I set as the server and password? setting it to does not work...

  28. For those asking about Windows Phone 8 - yes, it works just the same on Windows Phone 7 or 8.

    For the Anonymous commenter on Jan 20th - Toasty can receive notifications from Growl, not directly from apps that send to Growl. For example, if you are using iTunes and have it set up to send notification to Growl, you cant send those notifications directly to Toasty from iTunes. Instead, the notifications go to Growl like normal, and then Growl forwards the notifications to Toasty using the plugin found here:

  29. Hello,

    I use this great tool on Windows Phone 7.5 and it works fine. Now I update to Windows Phone 7.8 and notifications are not received. No notification bar occurred on the top of the screen. When I start the app manually, the notifications were received. After this first start back on the start screen new notification arrive now, but the tile of the toasty app does not show new notification with the number of new notifications.

    Is this a problem with the new WP 7.8? Do you need more informations?

  30. I use it on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 and it work perfectly, thank you for the great app that do endure!

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